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We believe that recovered, irrespective of their educational qualifications, have experience and know the difficult process of recovery. They can talk with new people coming in and tell the part owners their experiences and have power to get and have feelings like others with them. At the same time, they can be part copies made to scale. Our Team always encouraged recovering to become social workers and counselors. At present Navjeevan Pune is manned by 99% recovery. We believe that the good outcome of the road map of work is dependent on here. Our group used to have a discussion about the family parts of a group. We noted that they also need strong feelings of support, education about the disease, and support during the loss of the nasha, so we started regular family meetings.

Treatment Program

Empathy is the basis of treatment at Navjeevan Hospital & Mano Rugnalaya Kendra. The process at Navjeevan Hospital & Mano Rugnalaya is based upon the knowledge that the process must be as nothing like it as the person's hard question. We take a 360 degree view of the beings history, state of being healthy condition, family dynamics, and grouping questions. This news given is used to structure a process road map of work that gives the best chance for getting loss back.

Much More Good Than Treatment

giving attention to questions related to physical to substance is just the first step. The true question is to help the beings to discover their old selves. undergoing getting loss back is possible only when beings are able to profit from being sent in parts of a group of their families 1 and the group free. The Navjeevan group felt it was right to person working with others with them through this most dangerous journey. Our relation does not end with the discharge 2 from the road map of work. We become a complete part of their free living by giving them ready support.

Navjeevan Hospital & Manorugnalaya Kendra Is A Home

At Navjeevan Hospital & Manorugnalaya Kendra, we live together, eat together and have fun together. It is a home away from the starting place. We teach the same values of living as a family having the same, caring and supporting each other. We make come into existence a general condition where beings undergo growth, a sense of being the property of. The purpose of the private houses road map of work is to take them away from their current non conducive, causing destruction to the general condition. We give a home where they came, was, put all round by equals going after the same end, purpose and a walking stick that is supporting and with like feelings of their going after mindfulness.

Family Support

It is only natural for families 1 to have a feeling of unsupported and helpless. out of place Guilt 3, responsibility and shame completely takes in the families 1 and makes it hard for them to make the right selections and decisions. Navjeevan Hospital & Mano Rugnalaya offers the much needed support from the very start. We help family parts of a group throughout the intake process. Our persons able to give suggestions are ready (to be used) to make connections in exchange with the person coming for getting goods or work done and their family to train them in putting one's name down into the process. We are open to have a discussion about and make clear any questions and make less troubling their troubles and their fears related to the road map of work.

Individual Attention

We limit the number of residents in our program to ensure individual attention. High staff-to-resident ratio enables us to provide personalised treatment. This one-on -one interaction is very assuring for the clients. Our staff bring real life experience to the process and are able understand the emotional turmoils, fears and apprehensions of the recovering. This bonding is unmatched in its efficacy of providing the much needed empathy and support.

Affiliation With Medical Professionals

Navjeevan Hospital & Manorugnalaya Kendra has a panel of Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nutritionists and Psychiatrists, who are available should their services be required by a resident.

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