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Lifeline Is A Home

At Navjeevan, we live together, eat together and have fun together. It is a home away from the starting place. We teach the same values of living as a family having the same, caring and supporting each other. We make come into existence a general condition where beings undergo growth, a sense of being the property of. The purpose is to take away them from their non conducive, causing destruction of the general condition and make ready a home where they came, was, put all round by equals going after the same end, purpose and a walking stick that is supporting and with like feelings.
Lifeline Is A Home
Much More Than process

Much More Than process

The true question is to help the beings to discover their old selves. undergoing getting loss back is possible only when beings are able to profit from being sent in parts of a group of their families 1 and the group free. The Navjeevan group felt it was right to person working with others with them through this most dangerous journey. Our relation does not end with their discharge 2 from the road map of work. We become a complete part of their free living.

Treatment Program

The process at Navjeevan is based upon the knowledge that the Manor Rugnalaya process must be as nothing like it as the person's hard question. We take a 360 degree view of the person's history, including the sort and measure end to end, state of being healthy condition, family dynamics, and grouping questions. This news given is used to structure a process road map of work that gives the best chance for getting loss back.
Treatment Program

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