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To impart progressive and quality treatment which takes into account the changing needs of the country and the demands of a free society. Navjeevan serves to restore individuals, men, and women of all ages, who have problems with health and wellness.


FREE INDIA to translate it into reality, we employ awareness programs, treatment facilities, and comprehensive programs. Our primary objective is the evolution of a spontaneous treatment module in tune with our culture and human values, based on actual life experiences. We are convinced that this collective and collaborative experiment based on scientific methods will awaken the spirit inherent in human beings and enhance hopes of a meaningful life, in every individuaFl who shares this dream.

Pune's Expert Daru Mukti Kendra: Providing Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

We offer a safe and supportive space for people to cleanse, receive counselling and learn the techniques to remain clean.

Specialized Vyasan Mukti Kendra: Trusted Destination For Professional Addiction Treatment In Pune

Our Vyasan Mukti Kendra provides a structured programme that addresses the emotional, psychological, and physical elements of addiction through counselling, therapy, support groups, and medical detoxification

Revive Pune's Premier Nasha Mukti Kendra For A Brighter Future

Nasha Mukti Kendra has medical experts who can offer medication or other treatments to help patients deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

New Beginnings: Pune's Top Rehabilitation Center For Lasting Recovery

In a rehabilitation institution, also referred to as a "rehab," addicts to drugs, alcohol, or other substances receive the proper treatment needed to overcome their addiction. In-home care is a common service provided by Pune's rehabilitation facilities.

Awaken Your Best Self: Right Step Wellness Centre's Transformational Programs For Personal Growth

Right Step Rehab Centre Right Step Rehab Centre will offer addicts and those struggling with addiction the assistance they require.

What we do here is to help you hit the bull's eye which spoils your personality hazed due to many reasons such as anger, anxiety, fear, low confidence etc. Many such insanity traits are gathered as a result of abuse of substances like liquor, cannabis, methadone, brown sugar and the likes. The person pays a great price for years embracing the habit of abuse, but every time despite knowing that this is a bad habit; harming the health, losing money, distancing relations, losing status in society. Our center facility helps you bring out the incredible talent and directs you to a clean and sober life.

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